The Tarn Region


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From the Tarn’s stunning capital, World Heritage Site Albi, with its pink and orange bricks, its cathedral with the largest collection of mural paintings in Europe, its provocative Toulouse-Lautrec museum, its new fashion museum and its cutting-edge contemporary art centre…

….to the deeply relaxing rural Tarn countryside which once made many fortunes with its pastel blue dye production and that now produces yellow saffron, pink garlic and Gaillac wine in a variety of colours…

…via bastide towns hosting vibrant markets under their arcades and a host of museums revealing colourful themes in the Tarn’s history, as well as some very bloody times, like that of the cruel Cathar, or Albigensian, Crusade…

…discover for yourselves how very colourful and varied the deeply southwestern French county of Tarn is.

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