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“Architecture and interior design can only be considered a success if it meets the requirements of those who commission it, and ultimately those who use it”.

The Manser Practice has over 50 years of experience in architectural practice, working on a variety of private, commercial and public projects, including leisure, health, office, transport and government buildings, in the UK, Europe, USA, Africa and Pakistan.

Principles that guided the work when the firm was founded remain valuable today. The firm’s work responds with considered, practical and modern design solutions. At the outset of a project, we develop a simple strategy that leads to innovative, appropriate solutions.

The practice has two offices, one in London and the other in Leeds. The London office is directed by Jonathan Manser, Barry Mullin and James Potter, with Guy Barlow running the Leeds Office.

In the Spring of 2007 Jane Johnson, an interior designer established particularly in hotel design, joined the company to set up what has become an integral and successful interior design department. The interior design team is based in the London office.

A substantial amount of the practice’s work is involved with historic, often listed, buildings and over the years it has established a reputation for clarity and simplicity of design. It has also won numerous awards, several RIBA Awards, the most recent being in 2010, A European Hotel Design Award in 2010, and a Daily Telegraph Award in 2010.

With clients ranging from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the British Council to Quintain and Development Securities, The Manser Practice also has carried out a wide range of projects on the Isle of Wight including RIBA Award winning headquarters for Artigiano, 2006, the RIBA Award winning Welch House in Gurnard, 2010, a current on site project for houses, B1 units and a marina at Fishbourne Quay, a new project for renovating Ventnor Winter Gardens and several schemes in Cowes and on the River Medina.

Current projects include: student housing in China, hotel and offices in Gibraltar, major works at Barnsley and Chesterfield Royal Hospitals, a number of hotels in central London, a restaurant in Las Vegas and a number of private houses.

The practice’s starting point for all design work is the client brief. We are not given to arbitrary solutions imposed to satisfying the ego of a designer. Although the creative element of design is largely intuitive and thus not wholly susceptible to rational analysis, much of the design process can be managed in a methodical way.

Industry changes and technical developments are balanced with our experience and knowledge, in service of the client’s needs.





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